This tutorial is where to start learning the basics of Meteor with React. In this tutorial, we will build a To-Do app that will insert and fetch data from MongoDB, authenticate users with passwords, and also GitHub.

We will create, update, and remove tasks using Methods, and present them with real-time updates using Publications and Subscriptions. Later in the tutorial, we will run this app on mobile, create automated tests, and even deploy it to a real server using Meteor Cloud.

Before you Start

Checking The Code

If you want to check the final code of each step, you can always go to the src folder.

Installation and Running the App

Each folder inside the src folder represents a tutorial. Inside each, you have one folder for each step’s final state. Each step folder is a Meteor app - you can run them at any time.

  • Install it: meteor npm install
  • Run it: meteor

Understanding Code Samples

If you see .. in the code samples, it means that we are not showing all the code in this file or function.

Community Support

If you have questions about how to get started, please ask the community on our Forums or on Community Slack. We’d love to have you there!

Where to Learn More

Meteor works out-of-the-box with several other frameworks like Blaze, Svelte, Vue 3 and Vue 2. If you want to find all our tutorials, you can check them out here. To learn more about Meteor, visit our website.

Contributing Fixes

If you find any issues, please click on the Edit on Github button at the bottom of every page and make a Pull Request with your suggested changes.

Getting Started

To get started with building your app, proceed to the next step.

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