05: Next Steps

Congratulations, now you know how to use GraphQL with Meteor! Wow!

Challenges to completing the app:

  • Stop using the subscription to get the tasks’ status and start getting the status from the current query
  • Stop using the subscription to get the task count and create a new query to get it
  • Remove all the methods and start using just mutations
  • Fix all the tests
  • Stop calling the function refetch and just use refetchQueries to refetch the tasks

Important: we are not recommending you avoid Publications and Methods, the goal of this tutorial is just to teach you how to use Meteor with GraphQL in case you like both.

Things to do on Galaxy:

  • Check your logs on Galaxy, watch here or read here;
  • Set up your free SSL certificate so you can use https, read here
  • Set up your notifications, read here
  • Auto scale your app based on demand, watch here or read here;
  • Go Professional and watch your metrics on APM, read here.
  • Check all the Galaxy guide for more.

Here are some options for where you can go next:

  1. Read the Meteor Guide to learn about best practices and useful community packages
  2. Check out the complete Meteor documentation
  3. Learn more about using GraphQL from:
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